Tamar Braxton Sends A Special Birthday Wish To Her Fiancé JR & Honors Him With A Huge Billboard In NYC

Tamar Braxton recently expressed her love for her fiancé JR on his birthday, and she honored him with a huge billboard in New York City.

She shared some heartfelt words and a video of the billboard on her Instagram account.

Tamar Braxton captured her post:

Happy birthday to the most AMAZING, handsome, spectacular man that I know!! @rarebreednola ❤️👑

It’s my honor to honor you on this day. .. and all week long 💋Although we are in paradise…

I decided that you should be celebrated all over country. ( this is nyc) ..So i teamed up with @dorianjihad and he made it happen!!

You are an amazing lawyer, Father and partner and I’m so blessed to share my life with.

Our show #allthingsblackandwhite allows me to learn so much about you and also become a better partner and friend.

I pray that all who sees gets to experience not just the “outside”🤣 version of you but the human, special amazing man that you are in every way.

Thank you for allowing me to experience every single part of you.

How I see you with your children including mine let’s me know that Gos specifically set you aside for Logan and I🏆✨..

I am a better Tamar because you are in my life.

Happy Birthday JR 2 down and a lifetime to go❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

See Tamar’s original IG post below:


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Happy Birthday, JR!

We wish Tamar Braxton and JR all the best in the future.

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