Tamar Braxton & Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson Announce Their New YouTube Show, ‘All Things Black & White With Tamar & JR’

Tamar Braxton and her fiancé Jeremy “JR” Robinson recently announced their new YouTube show on Instagram Live.

A nervous Tamar announced that the show is called “All Things Black & White with Tamar & JR,” and you can watch it on YouTube on Tuesday nights.

JR said the show will focus on them answering the questions that fans want to know about them. As well as give some behind the scenes about their life and the merging of their families.

So, we want to use this as a way to feed some of the content and some of the things y’all want us to answer.

While JR was describing the show, someone on the Live stream asked if Tamar Braxton is pregnant.

JR responded:

No, Tamar is not pregnant. Thank you fan page.

After his response, JR continued to describe what the show would be about.

But, we want to get the feedback from you on things you want us to talk about.

You know, the corkiness, ah, things in the world… topics in the world to get our different opinions… And of course all things Black and White. We’re going to talk about that too.

A little bit behind the scenes about our life and merging the family, but give us your feedback, what do you want us to ask…

Watch Tamar Braxton & JR introduce their new YouTube show on IG Live below:

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