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Marquis Jackson, who was searched, handcuffed, and placed in a patrol vehicle, miraculously survived a harrowing encounter when a Florida sheriff’s deputy fired 22 shots at him, mistaking the sound of a falling acorn for gunfire.

Now, he is speaking out and taking legal action against the police department.

The Shooting

On November 12, Marquis’ girlfriend called the police to report he had stolen her car and was threatening her via text.

Okaloosa County Deputies Javier Reyna, Deja Riley and Jesse Hernandez and Sgt. Beth Roberts responded.

Marquis Jackson walked up to the scene 10 minutes after officers arrived.

He was searched, handcuffed, and placed in the patrol car. 

Riley and Reyna left to search for the missing vehicle. They found it about 3 miles away.

Roberts continued to work with Marquis’ girlfriend and Hernandez claimed he went back towards the patrol car to conduct a secondary search when he heard a “pop sound.”

An internal investigation report from January revealed an acorn hit the top of the patrol car and Hernandez perceived it as a gunshot.

He immediately yells, “Shots fired!” 

Jesse Hernandez hit the ground, rolled, and began unloading his weapon into the back of the patrol car where Marquis Jackson was detained and handcuffed.

Beth Roberts asked Hernandez where the shots were coming from and he yelled, “In the car.” 

When she asked Hernandez if he was okay, he said, “I’m hit! I’m hit!” 

Roberts also began firing shots at the patrol vehicle with Marquis inside.

Watch the body cam video below.

Marquis Jackson: ‘All I Could Depend On Was God’

As Okaloosa officers rained bullets on the patrol car he was in, Marquis Jackson was covered by God and unharmed.

He took to Facebook writing:

All I could do was lean over and play dead to prevent getting shot in the head. I was scared to death and I knew all I could depend on was God! I ignored everything and prayed!

Marquis was unharmed physically but mentally is another story. 

I was blessed not to get hit by any bullets or get hurt physically but mentally, I’m not okay…haven’t been the same since, and I don’t think this feeling I have will ever change.

I truly believe I’m damaged for life!

After the police shooting an ambulance transported Marquis Jackson, who was still handcuffed, to a medical facility to be checked out.

Then, they transported him to the Okaloosa County Courthouse where he sat in a cell for hours before being released without charges.

Jesse Martinez Resigns

The sheriff’s Office of Professional Standards conducted an internal investigation into Jesse Hernandez and Beth Roberts’ actions on November 12.

Jesse stuck to his story of believing he had been shot – by the sound of an acorn. 

The original reason I was firing was because I was sitting in the open there.

I had only moved a couple feet from where I felt I had just been shot from the back of this patrol car.

And I didn’t know how I was gonna get up and move to that covered area.

Hernandez resigned in December during the internal investigation. 

Once the investigation concluded it was found that Hernandez’s use of force was determined not to be objectively reasonable, and it violated the policy regarding the “excessive use of control to resistance.”

Beth Roberts was exonerated, as the Office of Professional Standards found her use of deadly force to have been objectively reasonable.

No probable cause for criminal charges against Hernandez was found.

Marquis Jackson Files Lawsuit Against Okaloosa Sheriff’s Office

Marquis and his attorney appeared on “CBS Mornings” to discuss the case, the lawsuit they are filing against the Okaloosa Sheriff’s Office, and why they are seeking accountability.

Watch the video below.

The police almost killed this man over a fallen acorn.

Let that sink in.

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