Jonathan Majors files counter complaint against assault accuser Grace Jabbari
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A day after appearing in court with Megan Good, Jonathan Majors filed a counter-complaint against his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari at the New York Police Department Chinatown precinct.

In his complaint, the 33-year-old Creed III star said Jabbari, who was “drunk and hysterical,” attacked him on a street corner in Chinatown on March 25.

Jonathan alleges Grace slapped and scratched his face, causing him pain.

His attorney, Priya Chaudhry, confirmed the actor met with the NYPD last week to “present them with evidence of what really happened on that night.” 

“Within hours of viewing the evidence, and conducting their own thorough investigation, the NYPD found probable cause to arrest Grace Jabbari for assaulting Jonathan Majors,” Chaudhry added.

The NYPD issued an investigation card that gives police probable cause to arrest Grace, who is a 30-year-old professional dancer, for assault.

However, the i-card was later canceled.

Despite multiple online reports, the NYPD told Newsweek in a statement: 

Regarding the incident that occurred on March 25, 2023, the investigation is ongoing. There are no additional arrests at this time.

Jonathan Majors was arrested in his Chelsea apartment near West 22nd Street and With Avenue in Manhattan after responding to a 911 call. 

Authorities later said Jonathan fought Grace and left her with minor injuries on her head and neck. 

She was taken to the hospital and Jonathan was arrested and is facing misdemeanor charges of assault and harassment. 

According to Chaudhry, Grace Jabbari began hitting, scratching, and attacking Jonathan Majors inside of a taxi cab because she accused him of texting another woman.

The cab driver said Jonathan asked him to stop the car so that he could get out.

The driver’s story proves Majors didn’t hit or choke Jabbari “in any way, at any time, or even raise his voice,” Chaudhry said.

Jonathan Majors’ attorney also claims security video captured white police officers encouraging Grace to say the actor assaulted her.

The actor’s trial has been set for August 3. 

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Source: Newsweek, NY Post

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