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John Boyega is the king energy every Black woman needs and deserves. 

The incredible 30-year-old British actor, who stays booked and busy, unapologetically loves and only dates Black women. 

John has been doing press for his latest [amazing] film, The Woman King, where he stars as Dahomey’s King Ghezo.

While visiting “The Breakfast Club,” John Boyega shared his preference for Black women saying:

I’ve said it openly, it’s just a preference…I like my women Black. 

Just separate from a political statement or anything like that. It’s just they fine as hell. 

Melanin levels gotta be over 75 percent. You know what I mean? 

Thickness gotta be there. Style gotta be there. We gotta laugh at the same jokes. We gotta bop to the same music. 

It’s just got to be a flow. 

John went on to share why he needs a Black woman.

I need her to understand a Black man’s anger and frustrations. 

I need her to understand when a certain dudes walk into the room and their energy ain’t right and she’s like, ‘Calm down, baby. Chill.’ 

I need that! I need me a Black woman.

Watch the clip below.

John Bodega’s dating preference has sparked quite a bit of chatter, outrage, and he’s made headlines for it. 

He took to Twitter writing:

Always thought certain reactions to preference would only occur if you belittle other people while expressing what you like.

This would mean your preference is based on negativity.

Yet all I have expressed is my love for cultural familiarity and the positivity I feel. Interesting.

See his original tweet below.

The streets of Twitter are celebrating this young king and standing 10 toes down with him the same way John stands 10 toes down with Black women. 

Read a few tweets below.

I stan a Black King who stans for Black women!

Be sure to support John Boyega and the amazing Black queens in The Woman King, which is now playing in theaters.