Jimmy Butler had the game of his life last night in Game 3 of the NBA Finals with 40 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assists without Goran Dragić and Bam Adebayo, two of the Miami Heat’s leading scorers.

Personally, the most impressive thing about Jimmy’s triple-double is he scored 40 points without making one three-pointer.

Lakers fans and sports analysts had already projected a Lakers sweep in this series before Game 3, but Jimmy (Buckets) took matters into his own hands and led his team to victory.

See Jimmy’s highlights from Game 3 of the Finals in the video below:

The Miami Heat is considered to be a huge underdog in this series given the superstar talent in LeBron James and Anthony Davis that the Lakers have.

Jimmy Butler has been the motivational veteran leader in his first year with the Heat throughout the season, he’s often contended that this team is special despite the criticism of not having a true superstar.

Jimmy’s mindset is to win at all costs. He doesn’t care who leads the team in scoring as long as they win. He continuously motivates and encourages his team in his press conferences.

See Jimmy’s post-game press conference after Game 3 of the Finals in the video below:

Bam Adebayo the Miami Heat’s starting power forward/center and Goran Dragić the Miami Heat’s starting point guard are both out due to injury, and their absence is missed which makes this victory even more special.

Jimmy Butler told the Lakers, “They’re in trouble,” in the fourth quarter meaning that the Miami Heat is here to compete despite being underdogs. Butler said LeBron told him they were in trouble in the first quarter so he returned the favor in the fourth quarter.

As an NBA fan that has been telling my friends that the Lakers are overrated all season, I took great pleasure in the Jimmy Buckets show last night.

It’s been great watching the sports media make excuses for LeBron James walking off the court before time expired. It was bad sportsmanship, but they won’t admit it.

Most NBA fans and sports analyst think this is just a speed bump on the Lakers road to a Championship, but what happens if the Miami Heat win Game 4?

I know Miami can play better, and I don’t expect another 40pt triple-double from Jimmy Buckets. I do expect Bam to return and Robinson and Herro to find their stroke behind the 3-point line, and when that happens the Lakers are in trouble.

Do you think the Miami Heat can defeat the Los Angeles Lakers and win the NBA Championship?