Due to self-inflicted injuries in Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers, both Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo have been listed as doubtful and NBA analysts are not giving the Miami Heat a chance to win Game 2.

Goran has a torn plantar fascia in his left foot and Bam has a neck strain.

Goran was injured in the 2nd quarter and Bam was injured in the 3rd. Jimmy Butler rolled his ankle in the 2nd quarter as well, but he returned to finish the game.

With all three of the Miami Heat’s main scores hobbled many people think that the Heat have no chance of winning Game 2.

Even before the injuries, sports analyst and NBA fans were not giving the Miami Heat any chance of winning this series.

I think the Miami Heat can compete, and win if they play up to their potential.

The Miami Heat is a very talented team, they know how to play defense, and they have shooters. They started out Game 1 great with a 13-0 run led by Dragic, Bam, and Butler.

The Lakers closed the quarter with a 21-5 run and a 3 point lead.

In my opinion, the rotations were off and the injuries to the three top players on Miami’s team contributed to the Lakers blowing out Miami in Game 1.

Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN reported after Game 1, Dragic was able to put pressure on his foot and he’s not ruled out for Game 2.

Bam’s shoulder X-rays came back negative, but he is still considered a game time decision due to his neck injury.

Jimmy Butler turned his ankle on a drive to the basket before halftime. He played through the pain, but he was clearly hobbled. Butler said he felt some soreness after the game, but he would be good with treatment.

“I’ve got to be ready to go, so we’ll see how if feels tomorrow but I’ll be fine,” Butler said after Game 1.

I love Butler’s confidence. He believes in himself and he believes in his team, which is very evident from his Game 1 post game presser.

Watch video below:

I’m sure Bam will be back on the court tonight and Dragic will try his best to return as well because who doesn’t want to play in the NBA Finals?

Like Butler said, they know the corrections they need to make, and if they play up to their potential they can win.

I feel Kelly Olynyk needs to start to match up with the height of the Lakers and Kendrick Nunn should get more playing time.

If the Miami Heat play consistent defense, focus on rebounds, and finding the open man on offense they can win Game 2.

I believe the Miami Heat will earn their respect in this series tonight. It only takes one win for the fickle sports media to change their narrative on the series.

Do you think the Miami Heat will win Game 2 of the NBA Finals?

Source: NBA.com