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Willie D is speaking out after he was accused of “clout chasing” by releasing his interview with Katt Williams on the heels of Shannon Sharpe.

Shannon’s interview with the comedian and actor broke the internet and has garnered over 46 million views in 10 days. 

Willie D released his interview with Katt Williams six days later to put his podcast pot on the stove while it was still hot. 

Unfortunately, some viewed the release of the interview as “clout chasing” or trying to step on Shannon Sharpe’s moment. 

Wille D addressed his critics saying:

When I decided to put my interview out – here y’all come!

‘Why you wait until Shannon put his interview out before you put yours out? You clout chasing!’ 

Let me ask your silly a— something…what would you have done?

Let’s say you got a Katt Williams interview in the can and somebody drop a video and the video go haywire.

Millions and millions of damn views! What would you do with your interview?

Would you sit there and wait and wait and wait – like I had planned to do initially?

Or you go, ‘Know what? S— the wave is already in the water! Let me ride this damn thing!’

The wave is already in the water! Let me get on it! I have no shame for doing it!

What would you have done as a businessman?!

Watch the video below.

It appears Willie D made the right call regardless of his motivation. 

His interview with Katt Williams has received over 5.5 million views in four days – more than any other podcast interview he has released.

Do you consider that clout chasing or a smart business move?

I’m only wondering why Willie D was planning to “sit” on a Katt Williams interview in the first place…

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