Jerrod Carmichael recently chopped it up with the ladies on “The View” about “feeling seen” since he came out as gay in his most recent HBO Max comedy special “Rothaniel.

For some reason, “The View” co-host Joy Behar seemed to be pressing Jerrod to share with the audience all the tough topics that he covered in his comedy special.

So much so that Jerrod joked, “Your life in one segment… Go!”

Despite Joy’s pushy approach for him to share his experience of coming out to his parents and the world, Jerrod did a good job recapping his experience.

He also shared that if he seems nervous it’s because the experience is a little loaded for him because he knows his mom watches the show and there has been a rift between them since he came out.

If I’m being honest, it’s a little bit of a rift… being gay…

It’s a thing that we know can sometimes divide families and cause strife, and that’s happening now.

I’m smiling… It’s funny because knowing my mom is watching, it’s like seeing an ex at a party.

And, like, now I’m trying to pretend like they’re not over there.

Jerrod’s interaction with co-host Sunny Hostin was much more pleasant as she revealed that she has a lot of gay friends who have come out to her because she feels they knew she would be accepting of it.

Jerrod complimented her welcoming energy and said he understands why her friends would feel comfortable coming out to her.

I can already tell, and I watch the show, from your energy, why someone would feel comfortable enough to come out to you.

You have a very welcoming energy, and you know, being closeted, it’s all shame.

I had a lot of shame, and to confide in someone, to tell someone, is to be truly seen.

And if you have shame in who you are, you don’t want to be seen.

You’re always hiding, there is a mask, a mask with my face on it, but a mask nonetheless.

Feeling seen, actually feeling seen, like, you know the way I feel seen now is a lot.

And you can only do that in the hands of someone who cares.

Watch the video below:

Jerrod has a very likable personality, and he has a way of giving concise answers to tough questions.

Much like his HBO Max comedy special, his transparency during this interview is infectious.

Watch a clip from Jerrod’s comedy special below:

His comedy is very smart and introspective, and we look forward to many more great things from Jerrod Carmichael.