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Jerrod Carmichael stopped by “The Breakfast Club” and addressed the race play backlash he’s received over his controversial “slave” joke. 

In case you missed it, the Emmy-winning comedian got dragged on social media after he made a joke on his Max reality series, “The Jerrod Carmichael Show,” where he likened himself to a slave who is being taught to read by his white boyfriend.

I sometimes joke to him that, like, our relationship is like that of a slave and the master’s son who teaches me to ready by candlelight. 

When the crowd groaned, Jerrod became defensive and quickly said, “Yeah, he groans too cause he’s a good person. He doesn’t like the f— joke. I like that joke.”

That’s my burden,” he added. “ I think that s— is hilarious.”

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But, during his appearance on “The Breakfast Club,” Jerrod Carmichael came in with guns blazing and made it very clear that he didn’t like that the narrative of his joke was flipped into race play with his boyfriend in the bedroom.

He stood 10 toes down on his joke and accused those who criticized him did so without hearing the joke in its entirety. 

Jerrod totally glazed over the fact that his audience who did hear the joke during his stand-up set groaned when he said it and he had to defend the joke.

He also failed to acknowledge that his boyfriend even hates the joke because “he’s a good person.”

Watch below as Jerrod Carmichael wallows in his delulu.

Kudos to Charlamagne Tha God for not backing down when DJ Envy tried to get him to apologize to Jerrod.

While at “The Breakfast Club,” Jerrod also made it his business to publicly apologize to Dave Chappelle for calling him an “egomaniac.” 

Talk about the pot calling the kettle…

Does Jerrod Carmichael’s explanation of his “slave” joke make it more palatable? 

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