Molly Shannon recently revealed she was sexually harassed by the late Gary Coleman.

During an appearance on “The Howard Stern Show,” the 57-year-old comedic actress gave the shocking details about the incident, which she also recalled in her new memoir, “Hello, Molly!

Molly said that she had just signed with Gary’s agent “Mark” and was offered the opportunity to meet the “Diff’rent Strokes” star. 

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Gary invited Molly and their agent up to his penthouse hotel room, but she said once the agent left things took a turn for the worse. 

I think he was like, ‘Sit down [on the bed].’ It was very sweet.

And then he’s, like, tickling me a little. This and that.

Molly Shannon said she was a virgin at the time and was “trying to be polite,” but Gary continued to become more aggressive. 

He was relentless.

Then, he was like trying to kiss me and get on top and I was like, ‘No, Gary. Stop.’ 

So, I push him off. Then, I would get off the bed. Then, he would bounce on the bed. Jump, jump, jump. And wrap himself around me. Then, I would fling him off. 

And then he got on top of me. I guess because of his size I didn’t feel physically threatened. 

But … it was going on and on. Repeating. I would throw him off, he would get back on.

And then finally, I throw him off. I was really getting out of breath because it was athletic and aerobic.

He grabs me onto my leg and I was like [trying to] kick him off.

And then, I go lock myself in the bathroom and then he sticks his hands under the door. And he’s like, ‘I can see you.’

Molly said she eventually “sprinted out” of the room and told her agent to “watch” Gary Coleman better. 

Watch below as Molly shares the story. 

Gary Coleman passed away in 2010 after suffering an intracranial hemorrhage at his home. 

He was 42. 

People magazine has reached out to his representatives for comment on Molly’s story.

Molly Shannon’s new book, “Hello, Molly!,” is on sale now. 

The description reads in part: 

At age four, Molly Shannon’s world was shattered when she lost her mother, baby sister, and cousin in a car accident with her father at the wheel.

Held together by her tender and complicated relationship with her grieving father, Molly was raised in a permissive household where her gift for improvising and role-playing blossomed alongside the fearlessness that would lead her to become a celebrated actress.

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