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Lenny Kravitz took to social media to offer some clarity on the remarks he made regarding not being celebrated by Black media organizations.

During his Esquire cover story, the 59-year-old Rock Star noted that he wasn’t on the cover of VIBE magazine until nearly a decade into his career. 

Lenny also noted, “To this day, I have not been invited to a BET thing or a Source Awards thing.”

Zoe Kravitz’s daddy went on to express he wanted his credit and recognition for breaking down barriers as a Black artist.

Lenny’s interview with Esquire sparked many conversations amongst Black media about how high-profile celebrities with non-Black publicists may feel they are being slighted. 

But, the reality is their publicist is turning down opportunities with Black media.

I’ve experienced this first hand while covering red carpets – all of a sudden the talent is out of time and can’t talk to anyone else, according to the publicist.

In a statement posted on his Instagram Story, Lenny Kravitz took a moment to clarify his remarks in the magazine. 

It is important to me to set the record straight on recent media reports based on an interview I did.

My black musical heritage means a lot to me, and I owe my success to my supporters who have taken this journey with me over the span of my career.

The comment I made was not about ‘black media’ or the ‘black community.’ I was specifically referring to black award shows in particular.

My comment was meant to express a concern about ensuring that black artist are being recognized for their work in what is now being called ‘non-traditional’ black music, which it is not.

Rock and roll is the music we were instrumental in creating and is a part of our history.

We must retain our heritage and celebrate that together.

BET and countless others have paved the way for this type of recognition.

I hope that by sharing my concern a spotlight will be shone on this issue.

Love and peace.

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Lenny Kravitz Instagram Story

I think it’s only right that I close out this Lenny Kravitz post with his dance session.

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