Jayda Cheaves on Fox 5 Atlanta

Jayda Cheaves recently appeared on Fox 5 Atlanta and talked about her entrepreneurship and why she decided to do reality TV.

Jayda said she became a businesswoman at 16 years old when she was told not to return to her job with blue hair.

I went to work one day, and they said you can’t comeback with blue hair in your head.

And I said, ‘like, no this is a part of me. Like, I like changing my hair it’s how I express myself.’

And every since then I said I have to be my own boss.

So I just came up with a plan, and I originally started selling my clothes on Poshmark.

And then I eventually got my own brand, my own logo made, and started selling t-shirts.

Jayda now owns a warehouse and she is doing very well for herself.

She said she was asked to do reality TV a couple of years back, but she was scared because she didn’t want to share her personal life so soon because she was still establishing herself as an entrepreneur and a business owner.

She eventually agreed to do reality TV after discussing it with her team and feeling like she had established herself as a business woman.

I got my team on it, and we came up with a plan.

We agreed to finally sign that contract that I’m going to do reality TV, I mean, I have a warehouse, my business is actually together now, so I was like let’s do it!

And, just to give people that insight of Jayda. Like, it’s more than just Instagram pictures, like I really run my business myself, I talk to my manufacturers, I come up with the designs, like it’s more to the business than just Instagram.

She said the scariest part about doing the reality show “The Impact Atlanta” on BET+ was not knowing how it would be presented to the world, and she’s learned not to comment on audience reactions to the show because it’s entertainment.

So it could be a scenario where it didn’t even go that way, but they have to make it entertaining for viewers.

So they’ll just, like, add music that make it seem way darker than what the situation really was.

So that’s just the only thing that’s probably, like, a little different for me because I’m, like, getting use to the viewers, what the viewers think, and what actually happened.

And it’s, like, I want to keep voicing my opinion, but it’s, like, it’s entertainment at the end of the day so I need to hush.

Jayda says she is the way she is on the show because she has to protect her brand, her baby’s father’s (rapper Lil Baby) brand, and her baby’s brand.

That’s why I am so… The way I am on the show, you know, because I have to protect my brand, his brand, and our baby’s brand it’s more to it than just me getting on here trying to just air out everything. 

I have to still protect all of us, at the end of the day, because we are a family, regardless, if we are together or not.

She said she did the show to showcase her business, and to show people that they can be an entrepreneur too.

Jayda views herself as “a natural born hustler turning influence into capital, turning followers into dollars.”

Watch the FOX 5 Atlanta Jayda Cheaves interview below:

We wish Jayda Cheaves all the best in her future endeavors.

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