Jay Williams Speaks Out After Being Told To ‘Kill Himself’ Over His Kyrie Irving Stance

Jay Williams, former NBA baller turned ESPN analyst, has received an overwhelming amount of backlash for his stance on Kyrie Irving‘s vaccination status.

Some people have gone as far as to tell him to “kill himself.”

Earlier this week on a segment of “First Take” with Stephen A. Smith, Jay said that he understands and respects Kyrie’s decision not to get vaccinated, and Stephen A. told Jay he was “full of it.”

See the segment from “First Take” below:

Jay believes Kyrie doesn’t owe anyone an explanation on his vaccination status because he is taking time to make his decision about what he allows to be put in his body.

He also said people should let Kyrie “go through his process without attacking his character.”

Watch as Jay Williams addresses the “media machine” for the last time in the video below.

Your thoughts?

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