Jagged Edge - Brandon Casey - Car Wreck

Jagged Edge singer Brandon Casey is feeling blessed and grateful after he survived a serious car wreck over the weekend.

Brandon took to social media and shared a photo of his mangled vehicle along with the caption:

When u kno god got u thru it you gotta say Thanku u gotta feel gratitude not jus speak it

Thanku Father I kno I wouldn’t b here without ur grace and mercy I’ll prolly never be the same but I’m so grateful I’m here Thanku Jesus!!!!

See his original post below.

The official Instagram account for Jagged Edge also shared a photo of the car with the caption, “Wear ya seat belts, GOD is good. Prayers for Brandon🙏🏽🙏🏽💪🏾 #fourmenstrong

See the original post below.


It’s unclear if Brandon Casey was injured in the wreck, but I wish him well.

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