Deion Sanders: ‘My Kids That Play For Me, They Didn’t Choose A University, They Chose Me…’

Deion Sanders aka “Coach Prime” has become the most transformative coach in college football in just three years, and he recently told the world why on “60 Minutes.”

60 Minutes” aired Deion Sanders’ second interview in two seasons on Sunday night (September 17), which they revealed is rare that they profile the same subject twice in two seasons.

The first story they ran on Deion Sanders, also known as Coach Prime, was in the fall of 2022, and they highlighted the success he was having at Historically Black College (HBCU), Jackson State University.

Coach Prime has since transitioned to coaching the Colorado Buffaloes, who had only won one game last year and has won three games in a row this year and is the hottest ticket in the college football world under his leadership.

Even 98-year-old Colorado Buffaloes’ super fan Peggy Coppom was overwhelmed by the personality, leadership, compassion, and swag of Coach Prime.

Coach Prime revealed in the interview that he coaches his players hard, and he lets them know that he believes in them and their abilities. He said he believes in keeping it real with his players because it prepares them for life after college.

Given that Coach Prime is an NFL Champion, an MLB Champion, and an NFL Hall of Famer, his football team, whom he refers to as his kids, have a tremendous amount of love and respect for him, which made the statement he made during the interview about his kids not choosing to play for a university but choosing to play for him even more poignant.

My kids that play for me, they didn’t choose a university, they chose me, that’s the difference.

Watch the clip of the Coach Prime interview from “60 Minutes” below.

Since having so much success so quickly, Coach Prime has had a lot of other college coaches hating on him, including his most recent opponent, Colorado State head coach Jay Norvell, but Coach Prime continues to win the world over by keeping his faith first and keeping it real.

Coach Prime’s Colorado Buffaloes defeated Jay Norvell’s Colorado State Rams 43-35 on Saturday (September 16) in an intense double overtime game, in which the Buffaloes had to come from behind to win.

We wish Coach Prime and the Colorado Buffaloes football team all the success in the world on the football field and beyond.

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