Jack Harlow is getting roasted like a chestnut on an open fire in the streets of Twitter after his halftime performance at the Detroit Lions vs. the Green Bay Packers game wasn’t “First Class.”

The Grammy-nominated rapper‘s set at Ford Field resembled a pop-up igloo and his unidentified hype man only added insult to injury.

Jack took to his Instagram Story to share his personal connection to the Detroit Lions that influenced his decision to do the performance. 

On some real s— the main thing that pushed me to say yes to this Thanksgiving halftime show aside from the opportunity itself is how much family I have in Detroit and all the times I spent growing up visiting the city.

I kid you not my great-great grandfather had a heart attack and passed away in the stands at the Lions Thanksgiving game in the 1960s and I’m not even bullsh— so u know I had to bring it home for bro. 

See Jack Harlow’s original post below. 

Jack Harlow Instagram Story

Unfortunately, Jack seemed to miss his mark with his lackluster performance. 

Read a few Twitter reactions below. 

Did you watch Jack Harlow’s halftime performance on Thanksgiving? 

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