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Jonathan Majors, following his conviction last year for assaulting and harassing his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, has been sentenced to one year of domestic violence counseling.

Jonathan Majors Sentenced In Assault Case

This sentence, delivered by Judge Michael Gaffey in a lower Manhattan courtroom, mandates Majors to complete a 52-week domestic violence program in Los Angeles, where he currently resides.

Additionally, he must continue the mental health therapy he has been undergoing and provide regular updates on his progress.

The sentencing comes almost four months after Jonathan Majors was found guilty of two misdemeanor counts of harassment and assault against Grace Jabbari, following a two-week trial.

Originally set for January, the sentencing was delayed to April due to motions filed by Majors’ legal team, which were later dismissed.

Accompanied by his current girlfriend, actor Meagan Good, Majors appeared in court where he greeted his family and supporters before taking his seat between his lawyers, Priya Chaudhry and Seth Zuckerman.

Grace Jabbari Delivers Victim Impact Statement

Grace Jabbari (Instagram), Jonathan Major (ABC News)

Grace Jabbari subsequently entered the room and delivered a powerful victim impact statement, expressing her disappointment in Majors’ lack of remorse and accountability for the assault.

Jabbari expressed her concerns regarding Majors’ potential to harm others in the future, labeling him as someone who believes he is above the law.

She criticized the tactics employed by Majors’ legal team during the trial, accusing them of attempting to shift blame onto her.

He will do this again. He will hurt another women.

This is a man who believes he’s above the law.

I had a career and life and body, all of which he’s damaged.

I will not rest until he’s not a danger.

He refuses to acknowledge guilt and take responsibility.

He remains a danger to all those around him.

I’ve seen his anger and he doesn’t have control over it.

Despite the severity of the charges, Judge Gaffey opted not to impose jail time on Majors, citing his absence of criminal history and prior arrests.

Majors showed minimal reaction in the courtroom and declined to give a statement.

I previously reported Grace Jabbari filed a lawsuit against Jonathan Majors in March for defamation, assault, and battery.

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