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What a time to be alive for Mike Epps.

The comedian and actor was recently honored in his hometown of Indianapolis with a Congressional Record from the House of Representatives.

In addition to that, Mike was inducted into the Madam Walker Legacy Center Walk of Fame on November 20 and he received a proclamation from the mayor making the 20th Mike Epps Day in his hometown. 

Mike took to social media to share how he went from being a criminal facing 20 years in prison to now being honored in the very same city. 

Read his full post below. 

I posted this to inspire some young kid to show them it can happen. 

30 years ago I was a criminal looking at 20 years in prison costing the city money. I almost lost my life several times, a high school drop out, drug dealing nobody to help I was giving my own 

> Swipe right 2021 official MIKE EPPS day in the same city NOV 21st from the mayor and the help of my longtime friend @ampharris and a proclamation from a neighborhood friend @andrechronicles from The White House. 

I said this to say never give up hang in there because you never know what GOD has in store for you. I was never expected and honored for anything misunderstood and geographically not notice find your talent it will save your life. 

I wanna thank everyone that help me along the way I couldn’t have done it without you this is my real life not no Hollywood script P.S. nobody beats the STREETS ARE UNDEFEATED excuse my spelling and writing I learned how to read and spell in jail ????

See Mike’s original post and swipe to view his Proclamation and Congressional Record.

Mike also filmed his forthcoming Netflix stand-up comedy special in his hometown.