Ebro Darden is trending in the streets of Twitter after he told Tinashe she was “light-skinned with a ghetto name” during an interview.

In the clip, which is making its way around social media, the Hot 97 radio personality and his co-host, Peter Rosenberg, were chatting with the singer when Ebro brought up her last name.

In case you didn’t know Tinashe is Zimbabwean and her full name is Tinashe Kachingwe.

That’s when Ebro said:

I just want people to know her last name…

Now, can we talk about how light-skinned she is with a ghetto ass name, tho?

Rosenberg responded by saying, “That’s not ghetto… it’s just an African name.”

Watch the clip below.

Ebro acknowledged his word were terrible, but he tried to explain it away as a teachable moment.

Yea this was a terrible joke, we were using the name skit for people to learn her origins… love Tinashe that’s my homey still.

See his tweet below.

That explanation didn’t stop Ebro Darden from trending in the streets of Twitter as people shared their thoughts about him.