Indianapolis Colts QBCarson Wentz and his wife Madison shared a heartfelt message expressing their love for Haiti and encouraged others to add to their $250K donation to the relief fund.

In 2018, Carson and some of his Philadelphia Eagles teammates took a trip to Haiti to help build a new sports complex, paint houses, learn about farming practices, and deliver meals.

During that trip, Carson and his teammates established a special bond with the people of Haiti.

Carson said he and his wife were crushed when they heard about the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that has shaken the nation of Haiti.

They took to their socials to express their feelings and encourage others to donate to the relief efforts.

See pictures from Carson’s 2018 trip to Haiti below:

See Carson and Madison speaking on the relief efforts in Haiti in the video below:

Shout out to Carson his wife Madison, the AO1 Foundation, and @mohhaiti for their relief efforts in Haiti.

If you’d like to donate, please visit: