Hazel-E is now accusing her estranged husband, Devon Waller, of trying to poison her.

In case you missed it, their marriage has gone up in smoke and the former “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” cast member has added social media to the group chat by airing new accusations and grievances almost daily.

Hazel has accused Devon of cheating, abusing her, and abusing their daughter, and now she is saying he put cleaning solutions in her water bottle after securing a life insurance policy.

In a post on her Instagram Story, Hazel-E wrote:

I woke up trying to process incidents that made me go hmmmm…a few months ago, my ex replaced my water with bleach & ammonia, in the water bottle I was drinking out of.

He said he was making a concoction for the air diffuser and forgot to tell me not to drink it. Have you ever drank bleach? It hurts real bad!

My gag reflex had immediately kicked in but I was hurt bad for 2 days. It was the lack of compassion he showed as I was hurling my insides out that made me think he poisoned me.

We had just got approved for life insurance too. Idk I want to think accident because it makes me feel better…

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Hazel-E accuses Devon Waller of trying to poison her

Devon also took to Instagram to respond to the allegations writing:

?now I poisoned you well once again why didn’t you call the cops for anything cause I NEVER put my hands on you or my daughter or tried to poison you you’re just a airhead I can’t control the stupidity stuff you do shawty.

You’re deadass a JOKE. Why cause we got a million dollar life insurance for my daughter you have NO PROOF I would hurt you. Grown up you’re about to be 43 years old GROWN UP get a life ??

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Hazel-E and Devon Waller tied the knot in October 2019.

They share a beautiful baby girl together and it’s really sad that their marriage has become a sh*tshow in the streets of social media.

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