Ice T & His Friend Spike Talk About Their Gangsta Past On 'The View'

Ice-T and his friend Spike may have just documented the most gangsta episode of “The View” ever.

They were on the show to promote their new book, “Split Decision,” which Spike described as a cautionary tale about two friends growing up as partners in crime and how one split decision sent them on totally different paths.

Ice-T revealed that in his past, he and Spike would get up and commit felonies every day. 

We would get up in the morning and commit felonies all day long.

It was an occupation.

It was everything from burglaries to takeover robberies…

He said they were robbers, and they robbed hundreds of jewelry stores, and he never got caught.

Ice-T said he and Spike were motivated to do these things by seeing the street hustlers and players shine in the neighborhood because the doctors and lawyers had left.

Why we did it?….  You’re in the streets. 

The people you see are the hustlers and the players. 

The doctors and the lawyers have left the neighborhood.

So whatever shines and the way you think you’re going to survive that’s what you did.

Ice-T decided to quit his life of crime when he was 27 and pursue music, but Spike, who also started pursuing music, decided to do one last robbery that cost him 26 years of his life.

Spike revealed that he had a 7-year-old daughter who was 32 when he got out of prison.

He has grandchildren now, and he said it’s difficult, but he took responsibility for the hurt he caused his daughter by not being there to see her grow up.

Spike said he took “moral inventory” of himself while he was locked up, and he knew he had to change.

When most people seek change if they don’t go deep in and really look at themselves…

Moral inventory means I was selfish, I was greedy, my head and my heart wasn’t connected.

So when you look at all those things you have to start at that basis.

You have to strip it all away if you really truly trying to change because there is kids out there right now that don’t understand for that one moment, that split decision of doing these things they’re doing now you pay a lifetime, and the ripple effect…

That moral inventory, I hurt society, I hurt my mother and grandmother, who passed away.

You can’t get those things back, and none of the things we did was worth it.

None of it! We had a warped sense of thinking.

That being players and hustlers we had a sense of entitlement, and that was truly false.

So in that sense of taking a fierce moral inventory, I saw all the bad things that I had become, but on the flip side I had to realize that I had to become my mother’s son, again.

Watch the interview below:

Shouts out to Ice-T and Spike for sharing their story in their new book, “Split Decision,” to encourage people to stay focused on their dreams, and shouts out to “The View” for the realest episode ever.

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