Several TJ Maxx stores reopened across the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic and hoards of shoppers swooped down to scoop sales that were “to die for.”

The department store was trending on Twitter after a photo taken at a North Central Arkansas location went viral.

The TJ Maxx was packed with shoppers who totally disregarded social distancing guidelines. To add insult to injury, many of the shoppers weren’t even wearing masks! YIKES!

Oh, but it was also going down in Raleigh too…

Mt. Juliet had a line of folks waiting to get in…

I drove past the TJ Maxx by my house today and the parking lot was on smash!

On May 9, TJ Maxx CEO Ernie Hermann released the following memo:

It read in part:

For our Associates, we are following newly established health protocols, including required use of face masks while working and implementing social distancing work practices.

In our stores, we have installed protective shields at cash registers, added social distancing markers in our queue lines, implemented new processes for handling merchandise returns, and instituted new cleaning regimens, including enhanced cleaning of high-touch surfaces throughout the day.

Listen, Linda! Ain’t no sale worth dying for.

But, y’all gone head the buy your outfits for your funes.