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Hill Harper Issues An Apology For Misgendering Zaya Wade: ‘I Made A Horrible Error’

Hill Harper has issued an apology after coming under major fire for misgendering Zaya Wade on her birthday by referring to her as a “young man.”

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The actor and author took to Twitter and said he “made a horrible error” and he “feels so bad” for bringing any negative attention to Zaya and her family on her special day.

I would like to apologize for my post. I am responsible for what gets posted and I made a horrible error. I misgendered my friend’s child and I am so sorry to Zaya and the entire Wade family. It was not my intention to misgender and misrepresent her in any way. I celebrate Zaya.

As a family friend I feel so bad that I may have taken away from the celebration. Zaya’s courage and strength is something I celebrate. And there was absolutely no malicious intent to my post.

I am human and I am learning and often trying to do too many things which leads to mistakes like this one. I am sorry. I’m sorry to those my post offended, that was certainly not my intention.

There are many challenging things going on in the world right now and I certainly didn’t intend my birthday wish to be a negative distraction and certainly didn’t want it to take away from a celebratory birthday for Zaya. I extend my heartfelt apology to Zaya, the Wade family.

Peep the original tweets below:

Hopefully, Zaya and her family will accept Hill’s apology and get back to the birthday celebration.

I think it may be too late for Hill Harper to mend things with Twitter.

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