UPDATE: Hill Harper Issues An Apology For Misgendering Zaya Wade: ‘I Made A Horrible Error’

Hill Harper is currently under fire in these internet streets for misgendering Zaya Wade on her birthday.

Gabrielle Union posted a beautiful birthday message to Zaya, who is celebrating her 13th birthday. It read:

Happy Birthday baby!!! I can’t believe you are 13!! @zayawadeyou are such an inspiration and motivation to get my butt up everyday and fight. When I’m weary, frustrated, full of rage, I see your face and your joy and you living your best life and I want that for all of us. I love you sooooo much kid!! Enjoy this day and everyday knowing you are loved, protected, respected, admired and celebrated. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

That’s when Hill joined the celebration by commenting:

Happy Birthday young man!! Read “Letters to a Young Brother”!!! Your mom wrote something in it!! You’ll love it! Have a great day!!

See the original post below:

Did Hill Harper miss the memo?!

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Has he been in quarantine since last year because…?!

Anywho – the floodgates of opened and drag Hill Harper Party commenced!

Peep the tweets:

Please drop down in the comments below and let me know your thoughts on this?

Do you think Hill Harper purposefully misgendered Zaya or was he so engulfed by an inopportune moment to try to promote his book that he slipped up majorly?!

Stay tuned for his apology…cause it’s coming.


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