Jerry Springer

A video that appears to show the late Jerry Springer spilling tea about his two Black children conceived from an extramarital affair has gone viral online.

The legendary talk show host passed away on April 27, 2023, after battling pancreatic cancer.

In the viral clip, Jerry is reading his last will and testament, on what looks to be a Zoom meeting with five others, where he admits he fell in love with a Black woman named Melinda and had two children with her named John and Mesha.

Jerry goes on to say that his wife forbade him from having any contact with the woman and the children and she threatened to expose his secret to the world if he didn’t follow her orders.

Toward the end of his spiel, Jerry Springer announces that he’s left his estates and property, his bank accounts, investment portfolio, and all of his assets to his illegitimate children.

Jerry Springer Trends

Jerry is currently trending on Twitter as people react to the viral video.

One person tweeted:

That man Jerry Springer left all his property in New Orleans, Mississippi, SC, and investment accounts to his two black (biracial) children we never knew he had.

His wife told him to never see them that’s crazy! My mind blown.

Jerry stand on business!

Someone else tweeted:

The best Jerry Springer episode ever is Jerry reading his own will‼️

He had 2 black children out of wedlock, wife threatens to expose, so he keeps it under wraps until he dies, then leaves all his money to the children he never met.

What a legend‼️🤯

See the viral clips and a few Twitter reactions below.

‘Blood Money’

The truth of the matter is the clip is of Jerry Springer participating in a 2020 play called, “Blood Money,” written by Loi Parquet.

Jerry was a part of a script reading during the “REFRAMED 2020: A Festival of New Plays on Social Justice” festival that was hosted by Tulane University’s School of Liberal Arts Department of Theatre and Dance.

Carl Briggs, who played the role of John, started all of this tomfoolery when he shared the clip of the play via TikTok along with the caption:

That time Jerry Springer was my dad, died, and left me and my sister EVERYTHING!

I can’t believe I’ll always have this. I felt privileged and blessed.

He has since released two videos in an effort to inform people that all of this so-called “tea” was just a play.

@c.l.briggs22 It was a PLAY! At this point, thats truly ALL I can do. #Jerryspringer #jerryspringer ♬ original sound – Carl Briggs

Jerry Springer was married to Micki Velton from 1973-1994 and from their union they have one daughter, Katie Springer

There is no Melinda, John, or Mesha.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly misinformation spreads on the internet when the truth is right around the corner.

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