Halle Berry is continuing to apply pressure on Young M.A with a game of “5 Rounds.”

The game consists of two people asking each other 5 spicy personal questions, and they are given the opportunity to answer or pass.

Both Young M.A and Halle Berry answered all 5 questions.

But, it was Halle’s answer to the last question that left Young M.A barely able to contain herself.

Watch the video below.

Halle’s super flirty interactions with Young M.A led some folks (who apparently don’t know any better) to believe the two of them were dating.

Young M.A respectfully shut the rumors down.

Halle is using “5 Rounds” as a fun way to promote her forthcoming Netflix film, Bruised, as well as the Bruised soundtrack, which features all female Hip Hop artists, including Young M.A.

Check out the Bruised soundtrack on all DSPs, and support the movie on Netflix on November 24.

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