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Young M.A Shuts Down Halle Berry Dating Rumors

Young M.A took to social media to shut down dating rumors after she shared a video Halle Berry hugging her and saying, “This my baby right here.”

In the caption of the video, the rapper noted that she is on the Bruised soundtrack, which drops on November 19, and that she is excited about the movie premiere on Netflix on November 24.

@halleberry ♥️ wow! I appreciate you QUEEN!! I’m on the Bruised Soundtrack Nov 19th on all platforms and I’m excited for Bruised the movie droppin Nov 24TH on Netflix!!

See the original IG post below:

Apparently, some people overlooked everything else and focused on the flirtatious energy in the video.

Scoop some comments below:

To be fair Halle Berry was doing all the flirting, and she did look like she was about to go in for a kiss.

Once the dating rumors began, Young M.A went live to clarify that she has a girlfriend and Halle Berry is happy with Van Hunt.

Watch the video below:

I think Young M.A got Halle Berry’d… who wouldn’t blush if Halle Berry was giving them that energy?

Your thoughts?

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