Young M.A health update

Young M.A took to her Instagram Story on Monday to share an update on her health after revealing she was hospitalized last month.

The “Ooouuu” rapper, whose real name is Katorah Kasanova Marrero, takes pride in being “mysterious,” however, she said that she is doing well. 

I know I been low-key. You know what I mean?

Long story short, basically, you know.

It’s a small setback for just a comeback.

Young M.A went on to explain that she’s made a lot of wrong decisions in her life that have caught up to her and impacted her health.

Unfortunately, I made a lot of wrong decisions in my life and things start to catch up with you, or whatever the case. 

The 31-year-old previously opened up about dealing with depression and how she used to drink a lot to cope with things. 

Young M.A said that she is doing much better and she’s been sober. 

I just want y’all to know, besides all that, I’m doing much better. I’ve been getting well. I’ve been very much sober. 

In addition to teasing new music being on the way, M.A shared that she has a documentary in the works where she plans to share her full story. 

I don’t want to go specifically into details, ‘cause I really want to bring y’all along on my journey.

So, besides dropping some new music, I also have a documentary with my story.

Y’all know I’m mysterious. I keep my personal problems to myself.

But, now it’s time to express that to y’all.

Watch the Instagram Story clip below.

Young M.A recently celebrated her 31st birthday on April 3.

She took to Instagram writing, “Just blessed to be blessed 🙏🏼 31 years on this earth… Been grateful and still grateful!
Happy bday to a Kween! ♈️🐏”

I’m very happy to receive this positive update from Young M.A.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she continues to work towards restoring her health.

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