Gunplay is lashing out at people who requested refunds on their donations to his GoFundMe.

You may recall that the rapper, whose real name is Richard Morales, and his partner, Vonshae Taylor, launched a $50,000 GoFundMe to cover medical expenses after their baby girl had to undergo open heart surgery. 

Given the circumstances, people were ready and willing to donate and support the couple.

But, things changed after Gunplay took to social media and shared a video of himself gifting Rick Ross a very expensive chain.

One person commented: 

I have donated to a lot of go fund me accounts. Even celebrities that I see accidents happen to. And when u see crap like this then u know even a celebrity will scam u out of money. I learned quick don’t I don’t give to celebrities cause they have lots of rich friends who help them out. I only help those who you can look up a background and see they don’t have much and give it to them!

Another person wrote: 

If you donated any money to that gofundme go get your bread back. They playing in yall faces.

A third commenter added:

S/O to Gunplay for being brave enough to leave his comments on after posting this knowing they were just asking for money for a gofundme now he’s buying chains for another man.

During a recent appearance on the “We In Miami” podcast, Gunplay lashed out at people who requested a refund.

Every single one of you p***y a** h** and f**k n***as that went to GoFundMe and donated and went and get a MF refund – you never gave it with your heart.

You a piece of s**t…you’ll die that way!

I’m for real. 

People that see me give my brother a gift they automatically want to say that I bought that with GoFundMe money. 

N***a had to pay that back! So now if you really want to be for real my n***a…if a n***a spent that on a chain, how the f**k they got it right back instantly with no pressure?

You want your s**t back? Here! Take it!

So, all you **k n***as and p***y a** h** out there – f**k you! You never gave from your heart! And you gone die a piece of s**t!

Watch the original clip below.

WOW! Sadly, he’s still missing the entire point of people questioning his financial situation.

Be mindful of who you donate to and the energy and gratitude (or lack thereof) it will be received with.

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