A Florida man recently became a neighborhood hero after he captured an alligator that was on his property and freed him back into his natural habitat.

In the video, the man aligns his trash bin, with the lid open, to scoop the alligator up in front of his garage.

Assisted by onlookers and neighbors who let him know when the alligator’s head is in the bin, the man was able to close the lid and stand the trash bin upright, winning the battle against the alligator, who was vigorously trying to escape the bin.

Florida man was rewarded with cheers from onlookers and neighbors.

He then rolled the bin, with the alligator still in it, across the street to an open field attached to a body of water, and freed the alligator by quickly opening the lid and running away.

An onlooker is heard saying, “Your the only n**** that I know would do this.”

Watch the video below:

Shout out to Florida man for his bravery.

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