Why anyone would doubt the strength of Gorilla Glue after seeing Tessica Brown go through her horrible experience is beyond me, but we now have a Gorilla Glue Man, Len Martin.

Len Martin from Baton Rouge, Louisiana created The Gorilla Glue Challenge to prove that Tessica’s video was not serious, but needless to say, Gorilla Glue remains undefeated.

It is unclear why Martin thought of Tessica’s Gorilla Glue experience as a challenge, he apparently didn’t understand all the details of her story.

Everyone is on social media. Every day, there is a new challenge, but I did not think it would go this far.

In order to disprove Tessica’s story Martin put some Gorilla Glue on a red Solo cup and stuck it to his lip, he thought he could lick his lip and it would come right off but of course it didn’t.

Watch the video below:

Martin ended up in a Baton Rouge emergency room where doctors performed what Martin described as a “painful peeling” of the plastic cup from his upper lip.

Doctors told Martin that he may lose his lip’s tip via surgery if his injury doesn’t heal correctly.

This is not Martin’s first time not thinking a social media video all the way through, he was arrested in 2019 for participating in an ice cream challenge in which he licked ice cream from a grocery store freezer and put it back.

Martin said he bought the ice cream first, to make the video, and in the video, he never puts the ice cream back in the freezer. He said he doesn’t understand why he was arrested.

See the news report below from BRProud News – NBC Local 33 / Fox44:

Please pray for Len Martin’s mental capacities.

Source: The Grio