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On Kevin Durant’s new podcast, “The ETCs,” Kyrie Irving made a statement about clutchness that seemed to be a direct shot at LeBron James.

Listen to the clip from KD’s podcast below:

Of course once this clip got out the sports media ate it up.

Personally, I don’t think Kyrie said anything wrong and the sub was obviously aimed at LeBron James.

Kyrie hit his step-back when the buzz of his quote got hot.

He took to his Twitter account and pivoted away from his subliminal and blamed people for making up their own narratives.

He even used the “pitting brother against brother” line.

Kyrie is a funny guy.

Watch video from Twitter below:

LeBron James is currently in the NBA Finals and according to the sports media, he has an easy road to his 4th Championship.

Every sports show is talking about how great he is, which makes Kyrie’s quote extremely timely.

Kyrie hit the clutch shot to win LeBron his 3rd ring in Cleveland against the Golden State Warriors and many sports fans consider that one of the most clutch shots in NBA history.

Ray Allen hit the clutch shot to extend the series against the San Antonio Spurs and won LeBron his 2nd ring, and there are many sports fans that will argue that is the most clutch shot in NBA history.

Do you notice the trend?

I’m sure Kyrie Irving was talking about LeBron James because who else would he be talking about?

LeBron is the biggest NBA superstar Kyrie has ever played with and he hit a clutch shot to win an NBA championship while he was playing with LeBron.

Kyrie claimed in his Twitter video that he is man enough to say someone’s name if he’s talking about them, but I don’t believe he is because he did not say LeBron’s name.

I’m calling cap, Kyrie!

Do you believe Kyrie was talking about LeBron on Kevin Durant’s podcast?