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GloRilla is gracing ELLE magazine’s latest digital cover.

The 23-year-old Memphis rapper, whose real name is Gloria Hallelujah Woods, is riding the wave of success since her 2022 breakout single, “F.N.F (Let’s Go).”

Inside her cover story, GloRilla admits she initially shied away from her signature deep voice.

When I first came out rapping, I was trying to sound like a little girl.

I was saying some hard s**t, but just in a little girly ass voice.

It was me trying to change my sound because I have a naturally deeper voice.

But, it appears the more she ran from it…the deeper her voice became and once GloRilla embraced her signature sound…the sky was the limit!

See Big Glo’s digital cover for ELLE below. (Swipe the embed for a few more shots)

In addition to embracing the tone of her voice, GloRilla has now set her sights on working on her sex appeal after receiving mixed reactions to her BET Awards performance.

Watch below as she channels her “inner Sasha Fierce.”

The road to sex appeal continues with the photos from her recent photoshoot.

It appears Big Glo is now channeling her inner Lil Kim by hitting the infamous “squat.”

It now seems GloRilla is receiving criticism for doing too much in her efforts to be sexy.

Surprisingly, former Hot Boy, Turk, reposted the image above on his Instagram page and publicly spoke out about the mockery of Black women.

He wrote, “Why we gotta make our black women who become successful A Mockery #TellingDaTruthNotHating”

See his original post below.

A commenter posed the following question to Turk:

The question can also be asked Why do they make black men who become successful a mockery? Rapping about guns, drugs violence against those that look like us is a mockery too. We need to talk about both sides. I’m not trolling. If I’m wrong y’all let me know.

Someone else reminded Turk of his own CarFax Report.

We so quick to judge and forget how we came up in the rap game the lyrics used the girls in the videos.

Rewind to when you was 23yrs old the way you moved things you did.

Don’t put someone on blast on social media for what you praised 20 yrs ago because you’ve grown be understanding and reach out on some OG type of time.

“What you need boy I want a hot girl.’

All of this proves that GloRilla will never be able to please folks so it’s just best that she stays true to herself and what makes her happy.

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