Turk, from the legendary New Orleans rap group the Hot Boys, took legal action against French Montana for allegedly stealing his lyrics and using them in his 2021 song, “Handstand.”

Turk’s lawyers sent a demand letter to French’s attorneys claiming that he stole Turk’s lyrics from the Hot Boys 1999 hit song, “I Need A Hot Girl.”

The lyrics in question are, “I need a project b****, a hood rat b****. One don’t give a f*** and say she took that d***”.

Listen to Turk’s lyrics below:

In French’s song, which features Doja Cat and Saweetie, they all use Turk’s lyrics in the hook.

Watch French’s “Handstand” video below featuring Doja Cat and Saweetie:

According to a source, French purchased the beat and the hook.

French’s team is currently working to resolve the situation, and Turk’s lawyer, Paul M. Aloise Jr., says they’re willing to settle out of court.

Turk recently took to his Instagram to blast French to his followers about the stolen lyrics.

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Source: TMZ