Ginuwine has taken to the streets of social media to address what he calls “cyberbullying.”

The R&B singer had the ladies and the music charts in a chokehold in the 90s with his hit single like “Pony,” “So Anxious,” “Same Ol’ G,” “Differences,” “Last Chance,” and “In Those Jeans,” just to name a few.

However, over the past few weeks, he’s been the king of memes and tweets thanks to his entertaining dance moves and on-stage antics at his performances.

Twitter Reactions

Ginuwine Responds

The 51-year-old crooner initially told TMZ that he considers the tweets and memes as “cyberbullying,” but he wasn’t going to it get under his skin because that would be “beneath him.”

But, Ginuwine later took to social media to address the social media attention he’s been receiving by announcing his forthcoming podcast, “The G Spot,” and welcoming folks to engage him.

“Let’s have some dammit fun,” he wrote.

Read his full post below.

Now I got a lil time to play lol I was shooting TV stuff in Vegas that you will see in October (secret) But couldn’t respond to alot of this internet cyber stuff, phone been ringing,blogs calling,friends calling WOW.

And for those who know me you already know I’m defiant as f**k so letsgetit!!!! I see I gotta stop calling myself the ole man lol I didn’t know I was still even news worthy funny or not, my homies always tell me you don’t understand who you are G, wow!!!

Ok now I do so it’s on thank y’all indeed lololol PODCAST ( THE G spot ) coming sooner now Fosho, ask me anything let’s have some dammit fun, thanks nephews #bobbleheadscoming #slipperscoming #turnitintomoney #supportfolks #wine #loversandhaters #nofilter I need to get to a million get me there my people lol letsgetit!!!!

See Ginuwine’s original post below.

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