Gillie Da King Thanks Freeway For Being There For Him During The Worst Time Of His Life

Gillie Da Kid recently opened up about the toughest part of his son’s passing on the “The Pivot” podcast.

The rapper-turned-podcast host of “Million Dollaz Worth of Game,” lost his son, YNG Cheese, to gun violence.

Cheese, whose real name is Devin L. Spady, was gunned down in a triple shooting in Philadelphia on July 20, 2023.

Gillie Da Kid shared how he became a man the day he had to wash his son’s body to prepare him for burial.

The worst time had to be when I had to wash his body, you know what I mean?

That was the worst, but it was also the best.

Because I became a man that day.

I thought I was a f***ing man, but I wasn’t.

That day, I became a man.

I was a little a** boy up till that point.

I thought I was a man because I did man sh*t. I paid bills, you know what I mean? I took care of my family.

I take care of my sisters, I take care of my dad, I take care of my mom… kids that’s not even my kids because they lost they dad.

But that day I became a man.

When I washed my son body, it was a gift and a curse.

It was a good thing and a bad thing.

Because it was a very painful thing to see your son laying there cold and stiff, but I know I sent him off right.

You know what I mean? And in Islam that’s a big thing, sending him off right.

Gillie Da Kid also took a moment to thank his dear friend, rapper Freeway, for being right by his side through the incredibly tough time.

Freeway knows the immeasurable pain of losing not one, but two of his children.

Gillie said:

I want to look into the camera, and I want to thank Freeway from the bottom of my heart.

You was there every step of the way with me brother, washing my son’s body.

The hardest sh*t I had to do in my f***ing life.

I will always love you and respect you, brother.

For life, I appreciate that.

Watch the clip of the Gillie Da Kid interview from “The Pivot” podcast below.

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