Gillie Da Kid Asks Joe Budden Why He Was Smoking Hookah With Ish’s Ex

Joe Budden recently appeared on Episode 234 of “Millon Dollaz Worth Of Game” and host Gillie Da Kid asked him why he was smoking hookah with his podcast co-host’s ex of nine years.

A few weeks ago on “The Joe Budden Podcast,” co-host Antwan “Ish” Marby became very emotional after revealing that Joe Budden hung out with his ex of nine years and smoked hookah with her after Joe said he would never entertain a friend’s ex.

Watch the clip from “The Joe Budden Podcast” below:

After pressing Joe on numerous issues during the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” interview, Gillie Da Kid took the opportunity to ask Joe Budden why he did his man Ish like that.

According to Joe, Ish’s girlfriend was not invited to his house.

Joe said his house was somewhat of a kickback house where everyone hung out during that time.

He said Ish’s ex stopped by one day and said, “I got to talk to you” and they did hookah. 

Joe would not reveal what they talked about, but he said it was a lot of people chilling at his crib, and she chose him to confide in because he’s “good to confide in.”

Watch the clip from “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” episode 234 below:

Reportedly, Ish is on vacation and has not returned to “The Joe Budden Podcast” since the incident.

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