The “P-Valley” Season 2 finale has arrived and my jaw is still on the floor!

The episode was titled “Mississippi Rule,” however, I’d like to make a formal request for Katori Hall to change the title, “Clutching My Pearls.”

In the Season 2 finale, Chucalissa has spoken and voted in a brand new mayor.

Uncle Clifford and Lil Murdaahem…Big Murda took their relationship to the next level.

Keyshawn encountered a major roadblock in her exit plan thanks to Dirty Derrick.

Mercedes took her last dance at The Pynk and is moving forward in her career and motherhood.

Uncle Clifford played chess with Autumn Night to save The Pynk, but she may have gotten the last laugh.

As Diamond prepares to be Keyshawn’s knight in shining armor an unexpected betrayal put a chink in his armor.

Read 19 totally accurate tweets from the Pynk Posse about the “P-Valley” Season 2 finale below.

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