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Funk Flex Shares Video of His Liposuction & Twitter Reacts (Video)

Funk Flex took to the streets of social media on Monday to share video of his liposuction procedure.

The legendary New York DJ has been on a weightless journey and after shedding 40 pounds, he decided to get on the table to suck out his trouble spots.

He wrote:

For a while now @40dayreset has been amazing in helping me lose 40lbs! @drwerfel thank u so much! Today I took a step I always wanted to try!  @elitebodysculpture works on those hard areas… lower stomach, arm pit sides and back fat! No anesthesia, awake the entire time! I really enjoyed it! @drtonyperkins thank u! Home now sore alittle able to back at work tomorrow! You staff was amazing! @brittaninicholetucker x @drinksometee x @shawnarebekah DO YALL SEE THE FAT GOING THROUGH THE TUBE IN REAL TIME?

See the original post and video below:


Like clockwork, folks took to the streets of social media to react to the video of Funk Flex getting liposuction.

Peep the tweets below:


I’m just going to show myself out.

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