A Chicago man was stabbed nine times when a dispute over Thanksgiving leftovers turned violent.

James Dixon, 29, stabbed 52-year-old Vincell Jackson multiple times after Jackson confronted him about putting his bare hands in the Thanksgiving leftovers.

The incident took place at a party thrown by Jackson’s girlfriend on Friday. According to reports, after Jackson witnessed Dixon putting his bare hands in the food he proceeded to kick him out of the party.

Dixon sucker-punched Jackson and a fight ensued on the front porch. There were numerous witnesses to the brawl, but no one admitted to seeing the stabbing. According to reports, Jackson was last seen on top of Dixon asking that someone call the police.

When a witness returned to the porch they reportedly saw Jackson kneeling over a banister and Dixon running away.

Jackson suffered nine stab wounds, several to his head, face, and left arm. He was taken to Holy Cross Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Dixon was arrested eight hours later, he was charged with first-degree murder, and he is being held on $350,000 bail. Dixon had several knives in his possession when he was arrested, including one covered in blood.

Dixon was a Walmart stock worker with three prior felonies, including an arson conviction.

Walmart doesn’t do background checks anymore?

Dixon asked Judge Ortiz how much the case carried before he was escorted away. The judge replied, “First-degree murder from 20 to 60 years, sir.”

Two lives ruined over some Thanksgiving leftovers… ridiculous!

Source: Chicago Tribune