Former NBA Player Lou Williams Tells How An Attempted Robbery Turned Into A McDonald’s Meal

Former NBA player Lou Williams recently appeared on the “Bigg Facts” podcast and told a story about how he ended up buying a guy who tried to rob him a meal at McDonald’s.

Um, he ran up on my car and decided not to rob me because he said he saw the things I did in his community.

You know what I”m saying?…

I was in North Philly, I was playing with the Sixers at the time, and the crazy sh*t my security was, actually, in the car behind me.

We was leaving the barbershop, and he called me, he said, ‘You cool?’

I said, ‘Yeah I’m straight, I’m going in the house.’

And I watched him in my rearview U-turn and go the other way.

And he did that, I looked down at my phone, and ***** tapped on my window, like, ‘Get out the car!’

I don’t know why, but I rolled the window down instead of getting out the car.

That ***** looked at me, he said, ‘I can’t even do it to you, bro!… He said, ‘I can’t even do it to you, you do too much for my community, bro. I just seen what you and Meek Mill did with them coats.’

Me and Meek had just did an event. We took, uh, Meek had $10,000, I took $10,000, we went down to Burlington Coat Factory, uh, got a U-Haul, we ain’t use, like, no foundations or nothing… Got a U-Haul bought a bunch of coats, gloves and sh*t, pulled up in North Philly was giving that sh*t out.

And we had literally just did that sh*t.

And buddy said he said he ain’t want to rob me because of that. And, um, ***** said, ‘I got a bus ticket and this gun. That’s all I got to my name.’

You know what I’m saying?… So, just thinking fast I looked across the street I said, “Bro it’s a McDonald’s right there. If you meet me at the McDonald’s I’ll buy you whatever you want to eat.’

***** ran across the street, and I ain’t gon lie… I wanted to pull off on his a**!

But I called my man, I said, ‘Turn around come to the McDonald’s right now!’

So I walk into McDonald’s with buddy, I’m at the counter with my card paying, and my dog he ran in, like, Chinese fire drill, he up’d everything. And, I’m looking at him like… You know what I’m saying?… So, he just stood at the door.

I paid for buddy food. I said, ‘Man, good luck to you bro.’

And that was the end of the story.

Watch the clip of the Lou Williams interview from the “Bigg Facts” podcast below:

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