Moriah Mills - Zion Williamson

Moriah Mills is calling on the NBA and New Orleans Pelicans to trade Zion Williamson and she’s threatening to release their sex tapes because he failed to send a wire transfer as promised.

In case you missed it, on June 6, Zion and his girlfriend, Ahkeema, who also goes by the name “Rose,” went Instagram official and announced they were expecting a baby girl who is due to arrive on November 13, 2023.

“Rose” shared photos from their lavish baby shower via Instagram.

Apparently, Zion Williamson was carrying on a low-key and transactional relationship with an adult film actress, model, and OnlyFans “entrepreneur” known as Moriah Mills.

When Moriah found out Zion had a girlfriend and they were expecting, she went bats**t crazy in the streets of social media and has continued her Twitter tirade for nearly three weeks.

Moriah has posted Zion’s text messages and receipts from money transfers, she’s aired out details of their sex acts and demanded he has a DNA test done.

She’s been dragging Zion Williamson to the point of exhaustion on Twitter and now that we are approaching week 3, Moriah Mills is demanding the NBA and New Orleans Pelicans trade him.

Moriah has also threatened to release sex tapes of herself and Zion.

See Exhibits A-C below.

Moriah Mills isn’t concerned about facing legal or criminal charges regarding revenge porn.

She tweeted, “Zion can’t win a case against me I have physical proof that he sent people to threaten me and he know this as well @Zionwilliamson I’m taking you to court for all the damages you have caused my life @NBA @PelicansNBA

See her original tweet below.

At this point, Zion Williamson is living a real-life episode of “Black Mirror,” and there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight to this foolishness.

Read a few Twitter reactions to the tomfoolery below.

Let Zion Williamson’s plight with Moriah Mills be a learning lesson about the importance of being mindful about who you lay down with and spend money on.

Because this right here is a flame-broiled mess!

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