Mark Cuban Scoops Delonte West In Dallas, Gets Him A Hotel Room & Offers To Pay For His Rehab (Video)

Listen! You can say what you want about Mark Cuban, but he has a heart of gold and he’s doing what he can to help Delonte West.

The Dallas Mavericks owner picked up the former NBA star at a gas station in Texas.

Delonte, who has had a history of mental illness and issues with substance abuse, was spotted last week holding a sign in Dallas.

Mark made it his business to find Delonte and the two met up a gas station on Monday.

Mark Cuban secured Delonte West a room at a local hotel while his family tries to figure out their next steps in getting him help.

Sources close to the West family say he may finally be open to the idea of entering rehab and Mark has offered to cover the cost of his treatment.

God bless Mark for his efforts and please keep Delonte West uplifted in prayer.

Source: TMZ


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