Kwame Kilpatrick has been released from prison. 

The former Detroit mayor who tumbled head-first from grace was released from federal prison on Wednesday (January 20) after former President Donald Trump commuted his sentence. 

Kwame served more than seven years of a 28-year prison sentence for corruption crimes. 

According to the White House prominent members of the Detroit community advocated for Kwame saying, “During his incarceration, Mr. Kilpatrick has taught public speaking classes and has led Bible Study groups with his fellow inmates.”

Despite his sentence being reduced, Kwame Kilpatrick’s 24 felony convictions still stand. 

He is still on the hook for $195,000 owed to the Internal Revenue Service and $1.5 million to Detroit.

Video of 50-year-old Kwame being greeted by loved ones at Atlanta’s Jackson-Hartsfield airport was posted on social media on Wednesday. 

Welcome home. New beginnings.

Source: AP News