Donnie Wiseman is an American hero for his incredible act of bravery after he saved a handler at Scales and Tales Utah from an alligator attack.

Donnie went into his Ironman bag when he saw the alligator clamp down on the handler’s hand and begin to body roll her.

He immediately asked the handler what she wanted him to do, and he yelled out, “Hey!.. We got trouble in here!”

The handler appeared to gesture for him to jump on the alligators back.

He jumped on the alligators back and prevented it from continuing to roll the handler.

His weight appeared to somewhat stabilize the gator, while another bystander name Todd attempted to help the handler free her hand.

She told Todd to grab her arm as she tried to maneuver her hand out of the gators mouth.

Once she was able to free her hand, Todd pulled her to safety leaving Donnie atop the gator.

The gator begin to twist and turn as if it was attempting to body roll Donnie as it had did the handler, but Donnie was able to maintain his position on top of the gator.

The handler instructed Donnie to use his hands to clasp the gators mouth, and then jump off of him.

Donnie followed the handler’s instructions and he escaped unharmed.

Watch the video below (Warning: the video footage is graphic):

The horrible incident took place on Saturday and on Sunday Scales and Tails Utah posted a sincere thank you on their IG account to Donnie, Todd, and Todd’s wife Amy, who started first aid before the EMT’s arrived.

Shout out to the Avengers Donnie Wiseman, Todd Christopher, and Amy Christopher for saving the day.

Source: TMZ