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Tyrese Calls Stephen Jackson ‘His Best Friend In His Head’ Because He Left His Fiancée At The Altar For Not Signing A Prenup

Tyrese shared on Instagram how much he and former NBA player Stephen Jackson think and move alike after finding out the former NBA baller left his fiancée at the altar for not signing a prenup.

Tyrese also identified with how real and raw Stephen was in the Netflix documentary “Untold: Malice at the Palace.

Tyrese captioned his post:

I swear this dude is one of my best friends in my own head….. Me and dude think and move SO MUCH alike it’s scary……

I just watched a documentary on Netflix about when you and WORLD PEACE went crazy in the stands and every time they cut you on your interview you was RAW and UNFILTERED I don’t do podcast I’m definitely gonna drop in on you soon……

Love always bro keep it a stack always King! @_stak5_ Thank GOD I’ve had a pre-nup locked in and what’s wild even with one in place they will STILL go at you……. Sign them docs don’t ever ever ever proceed without em….

See Tyrese’s original post below, and swipe to hear Stephen Jackson explain what happened with his fiancée at the altar in his own words:


After nearly four years of marriage, Tyrese and his now estranged wife, Samantha Lee, announced they were divorcing in December 2020.

Apparently, he had a prenup in place.

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