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Former professional boxer Viviane Obenauf is the prime suspect in the murder of her husband, whose body was found in their Switzerland apartment.

Obenauf was arrested last week after her 61-year-old husband was found dead of a “massive injury” sustained during a “violent assault”.

Obenauf is suspected of beating him to death “with a blunt object.”

The couple was just married this past January 25, and they opened a gym in the Swiss town of Interlaken.

Her husband also owned a restaurant in the town. Their apartment was located above the restaurant.

Police searched the gym, the restaurant, and the apartment during their investigation.

Obenauf held two World Boxing Federation international titles and she retired last year with a professional record of 14-6.

She has a history of throwing those hands outside the ring as well. She was arrested in 2016 on her 30th birthday in London after allegedly punching a man who tried to grope her.

Watch video below of Obenauf training in her gym:


A former boyfriend stated he wasn’t surprised she was back in jail.

She always had two faces. It’s like flicking a switch.

The motive is unknown at this time, and the investigation is still ongoing.

Source: New York Post

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