On a recent episode of Nore’sDrink Champs” podcast, Fat Joe called DJ Khaled the Quincy Jones of Hip-Hop, and fans of the pod let him have it because Khaled doesn’t make beats.

As you can imagine…that didn’t go over well with the masses.

Fat Joe responded to the backlash in the comments section of Nore’s IG post.

All these back seat drivers Monday morning quarterbacks always got an opinion but can’t do it themselves sh*t crazy to me the term Quincy jones of this time was used in reference to the work khaled has put in years and years of hit obviously there’s only one Quincy but f**k it tune in tonight EXPLOSIVE lol.

Watch the video below:

Fat Joe does have a point about Khaled consistently curating the correct talent to create hit songs, but Khaled shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breathe as Quincy Jones.

Joe would’ve been better off saying he was caught up in the moment and misspoke.

Your thoughts?